Thank you for asking some great questions. I wish I had answers.

As I outlined in my comments to the Board - supported by the facts - I see zero compelling reasons for this action. I would hesitate to presume what rationales might have been in the minds of other members of the Board. As I noted, after my comments, there was no deliberation or argument made by any of the other Board members.

I would begin with suggesting your contact trustees Brandon Short, Steve Wagman, and Alvin DeLevie, who are up for re-election this year and voted in favor (you can reach out to all the trustees via the Board of Trustees website). I have spent the morning fielding questions just like yours from concerned alumni, and perhaps I should write up a Q&A post to cover the answers I can provide. It is an honor and a privilege - and my duty - to be the voice of the alumni and all Penn State stakeholders.

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Thanks for speaking against the pay raise for the president. Can you offer insight to explain why everyone else voted for the motion? Or why PSU does not tie some compensation to goals? Is incumbent doing a great job? To me it is a tone deaf and out of touch measure, but there must be some rationale or incentive for the raise. I really don’t understand.

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