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I have served on several boards and the questions you pose are typical of the oversight responsibilities of a fiduciary Director (or Trustee). What I don’t understand is why no other PSU Trustees join you in questioning these large expenditures -- and voting “no” in the absence of receiving adequate answers. The lack of professional curiosity by the PSU Board of Trustees is evident in everything they do. I’m glad you are there and I hope your example will lead others to start doing their job.

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Were there options/estimates looked at to demolish and rebuild the dormitories?

If so, what were the price differences between a renovation vs a demo/rebuild?

Are there any rebates, grants money from the state or federal government for renovations to a building approximately 60 years old - for historical restoration?

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Re: Renovations in East Halls

I lived in Tener Hall in the ‘60’s, the first year it was opened, so I’m familiar with those buildings.

I’m not saying you’re wrong.

But you can’t just judge the book by its cover.

You need to look at how much has to be done. I know that our dorms didn’t have AC. Retrofitting old multi story buildings is difficult and expensive. If multiple bids were received, you might feel a bit better about the cost.

The devil is in the details.

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